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Jostmed 11(1) April, 2015

Welcome to the Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED). The JOSTMED is a scholarly based journal published thrice in a year by the Department of Science Education, School of Science and Science Education, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, since September 1998. The scope of the Journal includes the research, development, and practice in all areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education.




 S/N Paper Title   PDF Link
 1.  A Wet-Season Geoelectrical Investigation For Groundwater Development At A Built-Up Property at the Western Bye-Pass, Minna, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
 2.  Academic Human Resources Situation in Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin Nigeria DOWNLOAD
 3.  Analysis of the Inventory and Operation of the Open & Distance Learning Edu. through ICT in Nig DOWNLOAD
 4.  Awareness of Autism among Teachers and Health Workers in Agaie & Lapai LGAs of Niger State, Counselling Implication DOWNLOAD
 5.  Call Admission Control, A Survey DOWNLOAD
 6.  Characterisation of Corncob Ash Pozzolan and its Performance in Concrete DOWNLOAD
 7.  Construction and Implementation of Some Hybrid Schemes for Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations _ODEs_ DOWNLOAD
8.  Design and Construction of A Natural Convection Solar Dryer For Drying Tuber Crops in Minna, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
9.  Determination of Groundwater Flow Direction in Kuje, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
10.  Effects of Automated Map Software on Achievement and Retention of Map Construction by Secondary School Geography Students in Minna Metropolis DOWNLOAD
11.  Effects of Cognitive Reasoning Ability and Prior Exposure to Content on Basic Science Achievement of Upper Basic Two Students in Plateau State DOWNLOAD
12.  Efficacy of Moringa Oleifera Seed as Sustainable Option in Water Treatment for Safe Drinking DOWNLOAD
13.  Error Analysis For Empirical Path Loss Models in GSM and WCDMA Bands in Kano Metropolis of Nigeria DOWNLOAD
14.  Evaluation of Reference Services in Academic Libraries A Comparative Analysis of Three Universities in Nigeria DOWNLOAD
15.  Heavy Metals in Two Commonly Consumed Fishes _Clarias Gariepinus & Tilapia Zilli_ in Kano City, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
16.  Impact of Hands-On Learning Activities on Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary Biology Students in Zaria, DOWNLOAD
17.  Influence of Dual Preparatory Treatment Process on the Activity of Heterogeneous Catalysts towards Fame Synthesis DOWNLOAD
18.  Integrated Collocation Methods for Solving Fourth Order Integro-Differential Equations DOWNLOAD
19.  Microorganisms Associated With Frozen Fishes _Ice Fish_ Sold at Various Markets in Ilorin Metropolis DOWNLOAD
20.  Microsoft Word - Identification and Mapping of Raw Sewage Discharge Points in Minna, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
21  Psychosocial Consequences of Stigmatization of People Living With HivAids as Perceived by Undergraduates of University of Ilorin DOWNLOAD
22.  Roles of Mathematics Education in Good Governance and National Sustainability in Nigeria, A Case Study of National Confab DOWNLOAD
23.  The Stratigraphy, Petrography and Structural Evaluation of Akiri and its Environs, Middle Benue Trough, Nigeria DOWNLOAD



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