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Jostmed 11(2) August, 2015

Welcome to the Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED). The JOSTMED is a scholarly based journal published thrice in a year by the Department of Science Education, School of Science and Science Education, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, since September 1998. The scope of the Journal includes the research, development, and practice in all areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education.




 S/N Paper Title   PDF Link
 1.  2-Dimentional Models of the Structural Features within the Lower Benue and Upper Anambra Basins Nigeria, Using (2009) Aeromagnetic Data DOWNLOAD
 2.  An Intercalated Dual Geoelectrical Survey of an Earlier Study for Groundwater at the Planned Gidan Kwano Campus Development Phase II, Federal University of Technology, Minna DOWNLOAD
 3.  Analysis of Misconceptions in Algebraic Expression among Senior Secondary School Students of Different Ability Levels in Katsina State DOWNLOAD
 4.  Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Cognitive Radios a Survey DOWNLOAD
 5.  Attitude and Chemistry Students’ Academic Performance in Senior Secondary Schools in North-Central, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
 6.  Block Implicit Hybrid Linear Multistep Methods for Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations DOWNLOAD
 7.  Comparative Assessment of Poverty Status of Users and Non-Users of Micro Credit by Farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
8.  Determining the Best Model on the Effect of Overweight on Adult Individual using Multiple Regression Analysis DOWNLOAD
9.  Effect of Micro Finance Bank Loan on Farmers Output in Kwara South, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
10.  Effects of Computer Assisted Instructional Package on Gender Achievement and Retention in Geometry among Junior Secondary School Students in Minna Metropolis DOWNLOAD
11.  Electrical Assessment of Aquifers in the Basement Complex of Unilorin Implications for Existing Boreholes. DOWNLOAD
12.  Evaluation of Refractory Properties of Selected Clay Samples from Sokoto State, North West Nigeria DOWNLOAD
13.  Functional Mathematics Education A Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development in Science and Technology Education DOWNLOAD
14.  Geoelectrical investigation for aquifer and geotechnical properties at the planned gidan kwano campus DOWNLOAD
15.  Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soils From Parts of Dahomey, Bida and Anambra Basins For Use in Engineering Construction DOWNLOAD
16.  Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soils from Parts of DOWNLOAD
17.  Impact of Field-Based Inquiry Method of Instruction on Science Achievement of Primary Pupils of Private Schools in Makurdi DOWNLOAD
18.  Lecturers’ Awareness, Challenges and Utilization of Information and Communication Technology _ICT_ Resources in Content Delivery in Federal Colleges of Education in Nigeria DOWNLOAD
19.  Mathematical Model for Ebola Virus Transmission Dynamics with Quarantine Compartment DOWNLOAD
20.  Misconception a Negative Influence on the Performance of SS3 Chemistry Students. DOWNLOAD
21  Modeling Nigerian Electricity Generation and Consumption Pattern DOWNLOAD
22.  Moringa Oleifera Medicinal Values, Antimicrobial Properties and Application as Food Ingredients-A Review DOWNLOAD
23.  Optimization of the Production of Sodium Silicate From Rice Husk Ash DOWNLOAD
24. Organizational Factors Affecting Effective Utilization of Virtual Laboratory Package on Selected Nigerian Secondary School Physics Concepts DOWNLOAD
25. Perceived Usefulness of Information and Communication Technologies among College of Education Lecturers in Nigeria DOWNLOAD
26. Prediction of Slag Formation during Coal Combustion Using Factsage Equilibrium Modelling DOWNLOAD
27. Problems of Students’ Aversion to Learning Basic Technology A Study of Junior Secondary Schools in Maryland Metropolis, Lagos State DOWNLOAD
28. Radiogenic Heat Production in the Crust Using High Resolution Aeroradiometric (HRAR) Data in Parts Of Sokoto Basin, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
29. Relationship between Faculty Status and Job Satisfaction of Librarians in Nigerian Federal University Libraries Mixed-Method Approach DOWNLOAD
30. Survey of IntrinsicExtrinsic Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Job Performance in University Libraries in North-Central, Nigeria DOWNLOAD



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