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Jostmed 13(4), December, 2017

Welcome to the Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED). The JOSTMED is a scholarly based journal published thrice in a year by the Department of Science Education, School of Science and Science Education, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, since September 1998. The scope of the Journal includes the research, development, and practice in all areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education.




 S/N Paper Title   PDF Link
 1. Leaf Size and Transpiration Rates in Two Species of Jatropha DOWNLOAD
 2. Biodegradation of Abattoir Wastewater Using Indigenous Bacterial Strains DOWNLOAD
 3. Evaluation of the Effects of Forest Depletion on the Socio-Economic Activities of the People in Part of Niger South, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
 4. Development of an Improved Mini Rice Paddy Parboiler DOWNLOAD
 5. Effect of Process Variables on the Extraction of Neem Seed Oil DOWNLOAD
 6. Existence of Equilibrium Points of The Mathematical Model of Ebola Disease Dynamics Incorporating Infection-Age Structure DOWNLOAD
 7. Mathematical Modeling of Polymer Movement and Melting in the Feed Zone of an Extruder DOWNLOAD
8. Analysis of the Dimensionality of Nigerian Senior School Certificate Examination June-July 2013-2014 Objective Tests in Government DOWNLOAD
9. Teacher’s Attitude towards Use of Multimedia for Teaching in Colleges of Education in Niger State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
10. Extent of Commitment of Teachers in the Implementation of Blocklaying, Bricklaying And Concreting Trade Curriculum in Technical Colleges in Niger State DOWNLOAD
11. Impacts of Peer-Led Guided Inquiry Strategy on Low-Achievers Achievement of Biology Concepts in Paiko, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
12. Perception on the Use of Blended Learning Method among Distance Education Students in North-Central, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
13. Blocklaying and Concrete Work Practices of Building Craftsmen in Rural Areas of Zamfara State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
14. Teachers Perception of the Factors Militating Against Effective Teaching of Basic Technology in Junior Secondary Schools in Oyo State DOWNLOAD
15. Impacts of Project-Based Learning Method on Achievement of Building Technology Education Students in Colleges of Education of North West Zone Nigeria DOWNLOAD
16. Assessment of e-Waste Collection and Disposal Activities in Government Agencies, Business and Residential Areas in Minna Metropolis, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
17. Influence of Mobile Instructional Package on Clients’ Attitude towards Drug Abuse in Rehabilitation Centres in Niger State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
18. Impact of practical laboratory work on achievement in Biology among Unity Colleges students in Niger State DOWNLOAD
19. Perceived usefulness and ease of Blog utilization for teaching among pre-service biology teachers in Kano State DOWNLOAD
20. Use of Mobile devices by lecturers of physics and physics-related courses in University of Port Harcourt_2_ DOWNLOAD


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