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Jostmed 15(1), March, 2019

Welcome to the Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED). The JOSTMED is a scholarly based journal published thrice in a year by the Department of Science Education, School of Science and Science Education, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, since September 1998. The scope of the Journal includes the research, development, and practice in all areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education.




 S/N Paper Title   PDF Link
 1. Determination of Some Physico-Chemical Parameters of Three Vegetable Oils Sold DOWNLOAD
 2. Quantitative and Chemometric Study of Patterns, Distributions and Health Status of Chromium DOWNLOAD
 3. Evaluation of Nutritional Composition & Chemometric Characterization of Some Varieties of Date Fruits DOWNLOAD
 4. Effect of Post-Harvest Processing Techniques on the Mineral Composition of Dung Beetle Larva DOWNLOAD
 5. Baseline Levels of Some Heavy Metals in Soils of Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State – Nigeria DOWNLOAD
 6. Influence of Post-Harvest Processing Techniques on Proximate and Antinutritional DOWNLOAD
 7. Energy and Exergy Analysis of Steam Generation and Utilization for Electric Power Generation DOWNLOAD
8. Stability Analysis of Logistic Growth Model of Algae Population Dynamics on a Water Body DOWNLOAD
9. Mathematical Modeling of Hepatitis B in Kaduna Metropolis using Euler Method DOWNLOAD
10. Modified Variational Iteration Method for Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation DOWNLOAD
11. A Game Theory for Controlling Students’ Unrest on Nigerian Tertiary Institutions DOWNLOAD
12. Investigation of magnetohydrodynamic Maxwell Fluid Flow on Accelerating Porous Surface DOWNLOAD
13. Teaching Practice Challenges The Experience of Pre-Service Physics Teachers in Rivers State DOWNLOAD
14. Three Modes of Podcast Augmented Instruction & Physics Students’ Learning Outcomes DOWNLOAD
15. Lecturers’ Perception on the Utilization of Blended Learning for Instruction in Nigeria DOWNLOAD
16. Social Media Application in Library and Information Services DOWNLOAD
17. Classroom Management Approaches Adopted by Junior Secondary School Teachers in Abuja DOWNLOAD
18. Effect of Interactive Computer Software and Qwerty Instruction on Students Performance in Keyboarding DOWNLOAD
19. Effectiveness of Cognitive Restructuring and Self-Management Techniques DOWNLOAD
20. Contrastive Analysis of English and Nupe Sound Systems, Implications for English Language Teachers DOWNLOAD



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