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Jostmed 14(3), September, 2018

Welcome to the Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED). The JOSTMED is a scholarly based journal published thrice in a year by the Department of Science Education, School of Science and Science Education, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, since September 1998. The scope of the Journal includes the research, development, and practice in all areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education.




 S/N Paper Title   PDF Link
 1. Effect of plasmonic silver nanoparticle on the conversion efficiency of chlorin e6 sensitized dye solar cells. DOWNLOAD
 2. Investigation of the levels of PM concentrations in Minna. DOWNLOAD
 3. Synthesis, Structural and Microstructural Analysis of Sol-gel prepared Lithium –Doped ZnO Ceramics ( Zn1-xLixO) DOWNLOAD
 4. Time-lapse agricultural pollution study at a tranche of 4 km2 survey at the Gidan kwano Campus, Minna. DOWNLOAD
 5. Water quality assessment of selected bottled water brands in Gidan Kwano. DOWNLOAD
 6. A Mathematical model describing the transmission dynamics and control of Trypanosomiasis DOWNLOAD
 7. A Note on the Properties of Solution of Transient Hydromagnetic Free Convective DOWNLOAD
8. Effect of Vee mapping instructional strategy on students’ attitude towards Biology in senior sec. schools in Gwagwalada DOWNLOAD
9. Exploring the Relationship among Mathematical Creativity, Teacher Enthusiasm And Mathematical achievement DOWNLOAD
10. Physics Teachers’ Content & Pedagogical Knowledge as correlates of Physics achievement of SSS in Borgu, Niger State DOWNLOAD
11. Predictive Modeling for Social Media Adoption on Mobile Learning DOWNLOAD
12. Assessment of psychological variables as predictors of academic achievement in Maths DOWNLOAD
13. Comparative analysis of personality types, academic procrastination, and academic performance of undergraduates DOWNLOAD
14. Effects of three modes of the mobile instructional package on mathematics students’ achievement and retention in colleges of education DOWNLOAD
15. Effect of Jigsaw cooperative strategy on maths achievement & attitude of senior sec. Sch. students in Suleja DOWNLOAD
16. Effectiveness of Facebook and WhatsApp supported instructional platforms on undergraduate students DOWNLOAD
17. Effects of mathematics laboratory instruction on geometry achievement and attitude of sec. Sch. students in Abuja. DOWNLOAD
18. Effects of instructional scaffolding strategy on achievement in Biology among students of Unity DOWNLOAD
19. Effects of constructivist classroom approach on Academic Achievement in Biology DOWNLOAD
20. Factors predicting the acceptance to use new media among colleges of education lecturers in North Central Nigeria DOWNLOAD


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