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Jostmed 17(1), March, 2021

Welcome to the Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED). The JOSTMED is a scholarly based journal published thrice in a year by the Department of Science Education, School of Science and Science Education, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, since September 1998. The scope of the Journal includes the research, development, and practice in all areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education.



 S/N Paper Title   PDF Link
1. Effects of Al3+, Pr3+ and Mn2+ Substitution on the Structural and Dielectric properties of M-type Barium Hexaferrites DOWNLOAD
2. Perceptions of Actuarial Science Students on Factors Influencing Academic Performance DOWNLOAD
3. Antimicrobial Activities and Evaluation of Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles as Antimicrobial Additive in Paint DOWNLOAD
4. Antibacterial Activities of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Aqueous Extract of Ginger DOWNLOAD
5. Analysis of Landuse and Landcover Dynamics Downstream of Shiroro Dam, Niger State DOWNLOAD
6. Antimicrobial Potential of Edible Chitosan-Starch Based Composite on Some Bacteria and Fungi Isolated DOWNLOAD
7. Optimization Technique for Estimating Available Groundwater During the Dry Season for Irrigation Farming System DOWNLOAD
8. A Spatial Study of Groundwater Quality Parameters in Ilesa West Local Government, Osun State DOWNLOAD
9. Longitudinal and Transverse Compression Tests on Thin-walled Fibre Reinforced Composite Pipe for Oil and Gas Field Deployment DOWNLOAD
10. On the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Optimality of Pat-Jiyor Model DOWNLOAD
11. Analytical Solution of One-Dimensional Colloidal Transport in Riverbank Filtration System DOWNLOAD
12. Method of Lines Analysis of Mhd Effect on Convectve Flow of Dusty Fluid in The Presence of Viscous Energy Dissipation DOWNLOAD
13. Effect of Bingo Game Strategy on Pupils’ Achievement in Mathematics DOWNLOAD
14. Survey of Lecturers’ Attitude, Competence and Utilization of Result Compiler Software DOWNLOAD
15. Assessment of The Effects of Problem-Solving Approach on Students' Performance in Basic Science DOWNLOAD
16. Relationship between Spatial Ability and Physics Achievement among Secondary School Students DOWNLOAD
17. Impact of Analogy Teaching for Innovation in Evolution Concepts on Preconceptions and Performance among NCE Biology Students DOWNLOAD
18. Stimulating Students’ Interest in Basic Science Using Science, Technology, Society-Approach DOWNLOAD
19. Relationship between Secondary School Students’ Perception of Teachers’ Attitude Towards Teaching and Performance in Mathematics DOWNLOAD
20. Assessment of Content Knowledge Needs for Shorthand Instructional Delivery of Lecturers DOWNLOAD
21. Extended Accelerated Over Relaxation (Eaor) Method For Solution Of A Large And Sparse Linear System DOWNLOAD
22. Modeling the Dynamics of MHD Flow of Nanofluid over a Permeable Exponentially DOWNLOAD
23. Effects of Mobile Electronics Response System Supported-Instruction on Learning Outcome DOWNLOAD
24. Assessment of Flipped Classroom Strategies on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Electrical Installation DOWNLOAD
25. Impact of Population Growth on Transport Facilities in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
26. A Computational Analysis of Singularity Potential Induced Characterisation of Higher Moments n Insurance Claim Size in a Loss Event DOWNLOAD
27. Investigation of Groundwater Potential Using Elec27. Trical Resistivity Method at Garatu Secondary School, Niger State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
28. Assessment of The Effects of Activity-Based Teaching Method on Students' Performance in Basic Science in Junior Secondary Schools in Kaduna State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
29. Application of Bouguer Gravity Data to Estimate Crustal Thickness Over Parts of Southern Nigeria DOWNLOAD
30. Evaluation of Aquifer Protective Capacity and Soil Corrosivity Using Vertical Electrical Sounding Method in Badeggi Village, Niger State Nigeria DOWNLOAD
31. Appraising the Nutritional Status of the School Feeding Programme in Public Primary Schools in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. DOWNLOAD
32. Estimation of the Depth to Moho of Parts of North – Central, Nigeria Using Bouguer Gravity Data DOWNLOAD
33. Stability Analysis of Rotavirus Model with Co-Infection and Control Measures DOWNLOAD
34. Electrical Resistivity Survey for Groundwater Potentials in Shakwatu, Niger State, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
35. Application of Magnetic Resonance Radiomics Platform (Mrp) for Machine Learning Based Features Extraction from Brain Tumor Images DOWNLOAD





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